December 3, 2018 at 10:34 am

Please Help Increase Akathisia Awareness to Prevent Avoidable Deaths

As we reflect on 2018, we are truly thankful for all the encouragement and support MISSD has received. With your help, we’ve been able to increase awareness, education and knowledge regarding the dangers of medication-induced suicide and akathisia. This year, our organization has continued to make many strides towards reaching the public, including:

  • The creation of our second educational video, targeting first responders and health professionals
  • The development of a Continuing Education Unit (CEU) program for health professionals
  • Transit signage on 100 commuter trains and buses
  • Hosting the Suicide Awareness Initiative with Jewish Child & Family Services (JCFS) and No Shame on U
  • Recognition of MISSD’s Founder, Wendy Dolin, who was presented with the International Society for Ethical Psychology & Psychiatry (ISEPP) Humanitarian Award, for increasing awareness of akathisia

We feel as if our work has just begun and we have ambitious visions for the New Year. Please help us reach our goals by making a tax-deductible donation to be used to help MISSD participate in conferences, produce more educational materials and pursue other awareness raising activities.

You can donate through our website or at the following address:
P.O. Box 10107
Chicago, IL 60610

Together we can prevent the unnecessary loss of life. Warm holiday wishes and may the coming year be happy and healthy for you and yours.
~The MISSD Team