February 16, 2024 at 10:59 am

Investigation Finds Vets at Risk of Medication Errors

The US Department of Veterans Affairs’ electronic health records system is putting veterans at risk of medication errors, according to testimony at a recent hearing. This finding is particularly troublesome given that many vets are prescribed SSRIs and other drugs that can cause akathisia-induced self harm, violence, and suicide. The risk of suffering akathisia is increased when medication dosage is changed and/or discontinued.

“At least one veteran wasn’t given critical medication they were prescribed because their records were incorrect, and the VA has not adequately notified patients their prescription records may be wrong,” the watchdog said. Another veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder who wasn’t given the medication needed developed worsening symptoms over 5 days “and had to be transferred to a local emergency room for care, according to the testimony.”

Read the full article at https://www.military.com/daily-news/2024/02/15/250000-va-patients-are-risk-of-receiving-wrong-medication-due-electronic-health-records-issue.html.

February 6, 2024 at 10:41 am

Our Akathisia Stories Podcast Can Help Others Be Safer

Family members of loved ones who died akathisa-induced deaths share their experiences on our Akathisia Stories podcast so that others can be safer and better informed. Kristina, who lost her daughter, Natalie, 11 years ago today, discusses the symptoms of akathisia that were missed, the importance of informed consent prior to prescribing, and the FDA Black Box suicide warning everyone should know, but few are ever told.

Listen at https://www.studiocchicago.com/kristina-gehrki-transcript.