February 28, 2024 at 1:37 pm

Merck’s Asthma Drug Needs Stronger Suicide Warnings, says Attorney General

The asthma drug, Singular, can cause akathisia and precipitate medication-induced depression, violence, and suicide. Reports show these serious risks may be higher among children. The New York Attorney General is seeking stronger warnings on Singular.

Parent reports include a 14 year old who increasingly suffered neuropsychic and physical symptoms: “She spent increasing amounts of time in my bed due to nightmares, she became fearful that she would be murdered in her bed and she took to sleeping with a knife under her pillow.”

Another parent reported, “[f]or an entire year, my family was on suicide watch for a 10-year-old boy who screamed daily in fits of anger, sadness, and depression ‘I want to die,’ ‘just kill me,’ ‘I’m so stupid and I don’t want to live anymore,’ and ‘my brain is telling me I’m dumb and I don’t deserve to live.’ Kicking. Hitting. Screaming. Hiding under covers in fits of tears.” Read more at https://www.pharmexec.com/view/ny-ag-fda-safety-labeling-singulair.