June 18, 2021 at 6:19 am

Misdiagnosed & Mistreated

When eight-year-old Jake was wrongly prescribed drugs marketed as antidepressants, his parents say they noticed scary changes in his behavior and feared for his life. Children, who are at high risk for SSRI-induced akathisia, are covered by the FDA’s black box suicidality warning yet many parents are never informed.

“That was when things got infinitely worse,” Jake’s father, Ray Diaz, said. “Jake was trying to physically harm himself. Jake was trying to jump out of moving cars. We were at Radio City Music Hall for the Christmas Spectacular, and we got out of there and he just took off and sprinted away from us in the middle of Manhattan.”

Read the full story at https://spectrumlocalnews.com/nys/rochester/exploring-your-health/2021/06/15/explosion-in-the-tick-population-draws-attention-to-rare-lyme-disease-symptoms-in-children