January 27, 2019 at 12:12 pm

Marine Suicide Rate at 10-Year High

MISSD continues to be concerned about the alarming rate of suicides among veterans. Some explanations refer to combat-related PTSD, long deployments and difficulties adjusting to civilian life after returning home. However, many of these reported deaths are of young Marines who have never been deployed nor seen combat. While this article doesn’t mention prescription drugs, there is growing concern regarding possible adverse drug effects some vets may be suffering. House Bill 4640 was created to explore the relationship between prescription drugs and military suicides.  Unfortunately, no action has been taken on the bill since its introduction in 2016.
MISSD strongly supports further research and funding to help reduce the staggering number of suicides in the military. Vets deserve access to quality care and informed consent regarding a variety of treatment options to include cognitive therapy. More than 20 veteran suicides are reported every day. Action is needed to develop a more comprehensive understanding regarding the causes of these alarming statistics.