April 4, 2022 at 3:10 pm

Lab Tests Can Reduce Akathisia Harm

Like most doctors, Kerri’s prescribers never ran any lab tests before they gave her SSRIs. As a result, Kerri suffered iatrogenic harm for years. She shares her story on our akathisia podcast and the Fiddaman Blog so that others might be better informed about metabolism issues and appropriate lab tests.

Read her guest post at https://fiddaman.blogspot.com/. Listen to her interview at https://soundcloud.com/studiocchicago/episode-13-of-akathisia-stories-kerri-lynn?utm_source=clipboard&utm_campaign=wtshare&utm_medium=widget&utm_content=https%253A%252F%252Fsoundcloud.com%252Fstudiocchicago%252Fepisode-13-of-akathisia-stories-kerri-lynn.