September 8, 2022 at 12:43 pm

Issues with the new 988 Suicide Prevention Hotline

Suicide prevention hotlines should ask about medications callers may be taking or recently stopped. Some people “have voiced concerns & warned others about the possibility of a brush with law enforcement if they call 988.”

Akathisia is a prescription drug-induced disorder, not a mental disorder, and counselors should be trained to ascertain the difference. Read the full article at–KCc-D3X7JNV1iRnPkdrDnHMlNcwhGc3X2JRvsQZhumStR4My_s0czbjcw_GqO8Qd5sQYaTT9h7kPgtfn9NkGbKHk0xg&utm_content=225409864&utm_source=hs_email