December 28, 2019 at 3:16 pm

Task Force to Review Acne Drug After 12 Die

Isotretinoin, commonly marketed under the brand name, Roaccutane, is being reviewed by UK drug regulators after an increase of deaths among product consumers. The drug can cause severe “anxiety, aggression and violence, changes in mood, or suicidal thoughts,” all of which are also listed symptoms of akathisia.
Robert Reeves, the father of the late Luke Reeves, who died at age 21, said he believes his son’s death is related to  “a four-month course of Roaccutane.”  Luke “become irrational and lethargic” after taking the drug.
Mr. Reeves told an Essex Coroner’s Court that Luke’s personality changed completely after starting the drug and he believes Roche is responsible for ‘murdering people.’
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